Grady on Rachel Ray

Tune in to Rachel Ray show on Tuesday, September 10th @ 2 PM to see our own Jose Santiago talk about Grady & show off his construction skills!


Join Us on Pupilpath

Parents: Working side by side with us to educate your child has never been easier! Grady HS is continuing its use of IOClassroom so that you can be aware of how your child is doing in school. See grades & attendance. Send and receive messages. Get it all as it happens. Download the Pupilpath app now. Any questions, reach out to the Parent Coordinator, Stacey Matone at smatone@schools.nyc.gov.


Back To School Information

Students will report back to school on Thursday, September 5th. We ask freshman specifically to be at Grady no later than 7:45 AM. On this day, all students will receive their program card and begin classes. Metro cards and student IDs will be handed out during the lunch period of the student.


Soccer Season is Here!

Soccer season has arrived. Practice began on August 16th at Grady. Anyone interested in being involved with the team needs to have a parent consent form and medical form completed. See Coach Webb or Coach Popovsky for more information. Don’t wait till the school year begins to join this team!


Football Season Is Here!

Are you interested in playing football?!?! The season has begun! Practice began on August 18th. Anyone interested is to make sure they have a completed parent consent form and medical form. See Coach Jashyn or Coach Engerow for more information. Don’t wait for the school year to begin to show up for practice!

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Paid Summer Internship Opportunity

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work and learn about a career you could possibly do in the future. Review the criteria for the internship and begin the process to apply. If you have any questions or need help, see Mr. Harrinandan in room 238 or Mr. Gerber in room 140.

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