Reach new voters

Todd, It’s not too late to reach new voters this election. We can help you reach voters not currently in your database via email for just $50 per 1,000 including:
New voters recently registered in your area, party switchers that have recently changed party, hard-to-reach independents, and first-time voters
Call or email today for a FREE test to see exactly how many new voters we can help you reach.
Sheri Seth The Data Group


Parent Engagement Night – Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Family Engagement Night on
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 5-8 PM
Our Family Night will include the following activities:
* 5 PM – Families Arrive at William E. Grady HS
* 5-7 PM – Parents Visit Classroom Teachers
* 6-7 PM – Senior Information Session – Library – Room-338
* 6-6:30 PM – Freshman Information Session – Room 137
* 7 PM – PTA/SLT Elections – Student Caf�
Feel free to contact Parent Coordinator, Stacy Matone,, if you have any questions.

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Voter Data – Price Sheet

Hi, Just checking in to see if your campaign needed any Voter Data for the upcoming election. We can provide voter data in your area along with phone and/or verified email addresses within hours and can even send email campaigns on your behalf Same Day!
Below is a price sheet if you are interested?
Voter Data with Phones – $40 per 1,000 Voter Data with Emails – $50 per 1,000
Please let me know if you would like me to run any counts for voters in your area?
Thank you, Sheri
Sheri Seth The Data Group Direct: 530-241-8133


Summer School @ Grady_2018

Summer school starts on Thursday, July 5th at 8AM. Any student that feels they should be scheduled but were not, can report to Grady on that day to register for classes. Summer school will run Monday – Friday from July 5th to August 14th. Summer school will have three periods to it. Period 1: 8:30 – 10:04, Period 2: 10:09 – 11:43 & Period 3: 11:48 – 1:22. Regents exams will be administered on August 16th & 17th.


Security advice from Google

grady high

Turn off less secure access

Your personal information is vulnerable because you allow apps & devices to access your account in a less secure way. Turn off this type of access and see other personalized security recommendations in the Security Checkup <//″>;continue=…> .

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How To Get Good Grades

Believe in Yourself

In order to succeed, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Be Organized

  • Use an assignment notebook to record homework assignments
  • Use a 3-ring notebook for class notes
  • Use folder for schoolwork

Manage Your Time Well

  • Use class time and tutoring periods effectively
  • Create a study plan that works for you

Be Successful in Class

  • Be in school, on time, every day
  • Be prepared for class
  • Always do your homework
  • Take responsibility for your grades
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect

Take Good Notes

  • Be an active listener
  • Take notes to help you pay attention
  • Go over your notes as soon as possible
  • Get copies of class notes if your absent

Know How to Read a Textbook

  • Scan by reading subtitles, words in bold, summaries, charts, and review questions
  • Read with a purpose
  • Review by scanning the material to check your comprehension

Study Smart

  • Find a good place to study
  • Organize your study time
  • Use tricks to memorize information

Use Test – Taking Strategies

  • Mark the questions that you want to return to
  • Increase your odds on multiple-choice questions
  • Know how to approach essay questions
  • Check your answers
  • Go over all returned exams

Reduce Test Anxiety

  • Start studying early – cramming causes anxiety
  • Mentally practice going through the testing experience
  • Walk into the exam with confidence

Get Help When You Need It

  • Questions and problems can be resolved just by talking to the right person – Take advantage of tutoring time!


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Khan Academy

Do you need help with your homework?   Do you need help with the subjects you are learning?  Are you preparing for the SAT?  If you have thought of any of those questions, then one way to help yourself is by joining Khan Academy.  Khan Academy ( is a website that has thousands of videos relating to all different type of subject matter.  Each video explains step by step how to solve problems, answer questions, learn subject material, etc.  Best part of it, its Free!!

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